Jiu Jitsu, also referred to as Brazilian or at times American Jiu Jitsu, is in its essence the practice of controlling, pinning, and submitting an “opponent.” There are many different pins and submissions to learn and choose from which is part of what makes Jiu Jitsu engaging for a wide variety of people. Jiu Jitsu began in Japan as a form of hand to hand combat used by samurai and was eventually introduced to the broader globe via the famed Gracie family (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu). It is an ever evolving sport which can be participated in by people of all ages for exercise and recreation, as well as in high level competition and self defense.

This question is, admittedly, subjective; however, there are key qualities to consider. Foremost, upon entering the facility, do the individuals appear to be enjoying their time and does the environment make you feel comfortable and positive? A gym might be highly regarded yet not suit your personality. Cleanliness and safety are paramount for most individuals. Are the communal spaces, particularly the mats, well-maintained and clean? During sparring sessions, is there a lack of coordination among students leading to accidents? Does the instructor welcome you and take an interest in your progress? Is there a balance between the instructor actively training with the students and coaching them? Does the instructor communicate instructions clearly and effectively?

For No Gi class, please wear athletic shorts or spats (men shorts over spats), and a tight tee shirt or rash guard. No zippers and ideally no pockets on shorts. For Gi class we will lend you a gi for your first class, shorts or underwear and tee shirt or rash guard underneath. Always wear clean attire and remove any jewelry to avoid injuries. When off the mat, wear flip-flops or slides; we provide sandals to borrow, or you can bring your own. Keep long hair tied back and ensure nails and toenails are cut short for safety. Mouthguards are optional but recommended.


Ideally as much as your schedule allows. Your body will need some time to adjust as a beginner so take your time and trust yourself. It is a fact that the more time one spends on the mat the more one grows in the sport. That being said, we have had many students with busy schedules who can only commit to training two days a week and have done exceptionally well. Like anything, it matters how present you are when you are there.

In Jiu Jitsu, belts signify a practitioner’s skill level, ranging from White (beginner) to Black (expert), with Blue, Purple, and Brown in between. Stripes on a belt indicate progress within a belt level. Requesting a belt will not lead to receiving one. Recognition, including belt promotions, will naturally follow those who demonstrate dedication and improvement.

KIDS & YOUTH BELT SYSTEM: The kids belt ranking system includes several colors to mark progression and achievement from ages 4 to 15. It starts with White and progresses through Grey, Yellow, Orange, and Green, each of which can be subdivided into further stages (e.g., solid color, solid with a white stripe, and two stripes). 

With any combat sport accidents and injuries can occur. Jiu Jitsu is a physical adjustment even for athletically inclined people so give yourself time to adjust. This being said, our school focuses on safety, technique, and intensity (in that order) to mitigate injury and build strong technical students who can then increase their output safely, in line with their acquired skills and awareness. 

No, all of our students are taught to regulate their training to accommodate newer, smaller, older less athletic students. This is not done in a way that gives the less skilled, strong. or flexible students a “freebie”, but in a way that gives them an opportunity to learn and increase their skill. Everyone has assets in the training room and we can all learn from each other. We’re not here to judge you but to help you. Anyone who isn’t in line with that attitude doesn’t last long.

Yes, we have coached many students of all ages and skill levels at a very high success rate. This being said, with very few exceptions, we do not entertain the thought of competition until a student has shown 6 months of consistent training / understanding of fundamentals. We are not interested in committing to people who are not committed to themselves and their teammates.

It is disgusting, but unavoidable. The physical proximity of jiu jitsu can be challenging for many new students but eventually comfort levels grow and what many students once found impossible to participate in becomes a valued part of their lives. Proper hygiene and care of belongings is highly stressed in the gym to keep everyone safe and comfortable.

Yes, grappling sports of all varieties, and especially Jiu Jitsu which also incorporates wrestling and Judo, is an excellent form of exercise. In addition to a full body and cardio vascular workout, Jiu Jitsu also fully engages your analytical mind and senses.

Jiu Jitsu offers a comprehensive approach to enhancing physical and mental health, providing a rigorous workout that improves strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular health. It sharpens the mind and quick decision-making, equipping practitioners with effective self-defense skills. It fosters community, discipline, and confidence, making it accessible and beneficial to anyone regardless of age or fitness level. It also serves as an excellent stress reliever.


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